Bye Bye Beelzebub (For Now)


I just read Beelzebub manga latest chapter in internet. And it turns out it was the last chapter of Beelzebub series.

I quite shocked that Beelzebub ended. There still a lot of stories that need to tell the fans and a lot of question that need to be answered. Though kinda disappointing to see Beelzebub ends quickly, the ending of the series was (for me) a great closure in a good route.

For those who don’t know Beelzebub manga, Beelzebub is about the delinquents that raised a baby of Demon Lord. I don’t want to spoil all of the stories, so you must read it. I highly recommended to read this manga because it has such an intense and badass fighting mixed with delinquents style fighting and demon powers, also it has tons of funny stuff that you can’t stop to laugh (believe me, I read all of this chapters and I just awe with fighting and can’t stop the laugh for few minutes).

If you talking about the weakness of this manga, I will say the story pacing. As I said before, there a lot of questions that need to be answered, that’s because there are so many time jump within the series and some minor characters appeared only for short time. But nevertheless this manga succeed to make me read all the chapters.

It is time goodbye to Beelzebub series. Well, for now. Because there will be a spin-off series in May 2014 (yay XD). I really looking forward for the spin-off because Beelzebub was one of the greatest manga that I ever read.

Well that’s for now. See you guys again ^^

(Note: the baby is naked)

(Another note: There is an anime of this Beelzebub manga. So if you want to watch it, then watch it)

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